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Arwen Stillness

An Arwen Undómiel Icontest

Arwen Stills
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Moderator: padabee
Banner makers: takayajd and tarienemrys

The Rules

1) No animation allowed. Use only the image provided. You may use brushes, text, and non-animated effects to create your icon.

2) Do not reveal your icon to anyone until after the winners are posted.

3) You may NOT vote for yourself, NOR get your friends to vote for you, NOR manipulate the results of the polls for your benefit.

4) Please be sure your entry fits LJ's standards. GIF, JPG, and PNG format. 40kb and 100x100 MAX.

5) Host your entry on an image hosting site such as ImageShack and provide a direct link to your icon.

6) You may use an artist's entry icon ONLY with their permission and after the challenge.

7) You must credit the artist in keywords if using their icons.

How it works

Save the picture at the beginning of the week and design an icon out of it. No other images will be allowed. Use brushes, text, effects & so on to create an original icon. Submit your icon in a screened comment to the Challenge post. Entries will be accepted until the deadline, which is every Monday. Voting will take place on the same day, a new challenge goes up on Tuesday and winners will be posted on Wednesday. Banners will be posted shortly thereafter. There will be First, Second, and Third place plus Mod's Choice.


1) Upload your icon to an Image Hosting Site, for example, ImageShack.com.
2) When submitting your icons, please also provide a link.



http://www."YOUR IMAGE HOSTING SITE".com/icon.jpg

The link must work for as long as possible. Unless it is seriously necessary to delete the image off your server. Also remember that there are other members who might want to use your icons.

4) Submit your entry in a screened comment to the Challenge post.

Link us

If you would like to post a button, you might want to use this one:

To link us, save the button above and upload to your own server. Copy and paste the code wherever appropriate and replace YOUR LINK TO IMAGE with your own link.



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